If It Is So Good To Talk, Why Is It So Hard

Ian A. Marsh

Rediscovering the power of conversation

‘Talk to them.’ ‘Have the conversation.’ ‘You have to tell them’. We have probably all been there, whether it was the advice of someone close to us, or our own inner voice. It is always good advice, but some conversations are hard. We just cannot get the words out. Or we try our best but someone gets angry, or defensive, and it all goes horribly wrong. Maybe we think we got our point across, but it turns out that no-one was listening. Or, perhaps, that was us?

Ian A. Marsh

Ian Marsh is a renowned listener, speaker, coach, facilitator and mediator, who focuses on helping people talk about the things that matter most to them; the things they generally find it hardest to talk about.

A former lawyer, Ian has worked with business families for more than 40 years and has seen at first had the damage intractable conflict can do to people and their relationships if it is left to its own devices.

Through If it is so Good to Talk, Why is it so Hard? Ian brings his passion for helping people to overcome the perils, and rediscover the power, of face-to-face conversation in a digital, and increasingly polarised, world to a far wider audience.