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Communication and the Reluctant Leader

In this podcast in the Reluctant Leader series, I talk with Mark Terrell about how you can communicate better as a leader and how to get better results from difficult conversations. Click here then scroll down to the podcast entitled “Communication” on 28 December 2018.

The embodiment of conflict … and connection

We are all familiar with the “fight or flight” reaction, but research shows that the reality is much more complicated than that.  Contrary to popular mythology, it turns out that our default mode is actually to socialise, or tend and befriend, though it is true that we can be mobilised, or even immobilised, pretty easily. […]

If it is so good to talk …

 I chat with Ramia El Agamy of Tharawat Magazine about curiosity, mindfulness, mind monkeys and all things Good2talk.

The power of conversation

Delighted to return to the Family Business Podcast for a second time (episode 34) following my previous discussion with Russ Haworth in episode 5 about the importance of communication. We build on that in this episode and discuss the some of the topics I cover in If it is so good to talk, why is […]

The Importance of communication

In episode 5  of the Family Business Podcast (recorded on 4 August 2017), Russ Howarth speaks to Ian Marsh  on communication within a family business.  In this fascinating discussion we discuss the reasons some people find it hard to communicate, and we even learn what interpersonal neurobiology is.