We all have times when we need someone to listen, without judging, without taking offence, whatever we say. Someone who will acknowledge our experience of the world, and how we feel about it. Someone who can help us find a way through, without wanting to tell us what to do. Someone who will always respect our confidence in them. Family and friends can be great, but sometimes they are just too keen to “help”.

Talks, panels and podcasts

As well as working directly with clients, Ian enjoys:

  • offering intimate, personalised talks to smaller groups;
  • delivering engaging keynotes to large audiences at conferences and events;
  • taking part in panel, round table and fireside chat style discussions; and
  • guesting on podcasts and webcasts

on how we can make those really difficult conversations easier.

I am proud to support Samaritans, a charity working across the UK and Ireland to reduce the number of people who take their own lives and make sure there is someone here for anyone who is going through a difficult time. I am fundraising in aid of Samaritans and will be donating the net proceeds of all my talks, panels, podcasts and workshops to help them continue their important work.

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Sometimes we have so much on our plates that getting ourselves ready for a tough conversation can seem overwhelming. Sometimes just the prospect of that conversation stresses us out to the point that we cannot really get our heads around it. Coaching can help us discover what is really important to us, and why, and why others might see things differently. That is a great start for any conversation.


Some conversations just will not wait for us to get ready for them, and the more people are involved, the more voices that need to be heard, the more likely that is. An outside facilitator can focus on making sure that, whatever the outcome, everyone feels that their voice has been heard, that their experience of all that has gone on has been acknowledged, that what they think and feel about it all matters.


Sadly, sometimes trust and communication break down completely before anyone looks for outside help. Mediation can provide a safe space in which to explore what is really eating at all concerned and how to work things out, whatever the problem might be. It helps us solve our own problems, rather than having a stranger tell us what happens next.