“Ian has been a guest on The Family Business Podcast twice* and both times has been a fantastically engaging speaker. He has an exceptional level of knowledge in his area of expertise and has a natural ability to articulate this in an easy to understand way. His use of humour and relaxed style make the subject matter very accessible. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian as a speaker.”

Russell Howarth, The Family Business Podcast

You can listen to these podcasts at https://bit.ly/2mnlola and https://bit.ly/2ur2Jc0

“Ian is a delightful interviewee* as he speaks from the heart and draws upon a great wealth of personal experience. Having had the pleasure of knowing him for many years, we know first-hand of his great passion for the topics of family dynamics and communication. His words of wisdom have helped many business families overcome conflict and challenges and we are excited that he decided to express his experiences into his book.”

Ramia El Agamy, Tharawat Magazine

You can listen to this interview at https://bit.ly/2sPf87W

“Ian facilitated a hands-on, thought-provoking workshop on the challenges and opportunities family business may face when they are in crisis at the IFB’s 2018 National Conference. His presentation combined the perfect amount of instruction and engagement with the audience. Ian’s skilful and balanced delivery provided attendees with an opportunity to reflect on their behaviours and decision-making processes. The workshop was very well received by our members.”

Theadora Kalessi, Institute for Family Business

“Ian knows his subject and his delivery [at the 2017 CMC Annual Conference] was both clear and entertaining. I was left thirsting for more.”

David Richbell, Civil Mediation Council

“Making connections in person is a gift. Creating rapport is an essential tool for mediators so  I enthusiastically agreed to invite Ian Marsh when our chairman suggested asking him to talk on the topic of his book “If It Is So Good To Talk, Why Is It So Hard?”  for one of our online CPD sessions.  Ian’s initial reluctance to remote networking rapidly changed to an enthusiastic exploration of how one could create rapport online with our participants. The topic  not only explored new discoveries about connection and rapport from neuroscience but also looked at how we can use this knowledge to improve communication and relationships. Ian has a wealth of knowledge which he shared with us in an open, engaging way. He overcame the disadvantages of online education by exercises and discussion, using the technology to increase engagement and participation. The participants enjoyed the session and felt that they had gained insights into their own behaviour, as well as tips on making it easier to talk. I would definitely recommend Ian. (He was also very conscientious on giving the information I needed and keeping in touch!)

Nancy Radford, Association of Northen Mediatorsre Online CPD Session for Association of Northern Mediators, 4 February 2019, “The Embodiment of Conflict…and Connection

Ian has been an interviewee on my Reluctant Leader Podcast.  His knowledge of his subject iS second to none.  Highly recommended.

Mark Terrell, The Reluctant Leader Podcast