Safe haven

Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed, and put all your tech out of sight, sound and reach. Sit comfortably.

Take a few moments to bring yourself to the here and now. Without moving your head, or shifting your gaze, become aware of all you can see around you, in both central and peripheral vision. Become aware of what you can feel, naming it if that helps. Now of what you can hear. Finally, take four or five deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, and on the last out breath, gently close your eyes.

Bring to mind a place where you have felt completely at ease. If nothing comes to mind for you, what is the safest place you can imagine?

Whatever your place, real or imaginary, make your mental image of it as clear and intense as you can: the sight, the sounds, the smell, the touch, the way it makes you feel. Go for a mental tour of it. Explore every inch of it, every nuance.

Get yourself as familiar as you can with your haven. Revisit it regularly until you know it inside out, and can evoke it whenever you want to. It may help to have a physical signal to help evoke it. You might, for example, tap the bone behind your right ear twice each time you visit as you get your haven established. The finger tapping and haven recall neurons will soon wire together and, in future, tapping will prime for the safe haven, even if it does not bring it to mind without further effort (although for many it will do just that).

Whenever the need arises, simply bring your safe haven to mind and spend some time there.  Exploring, in detail will help.  Be curious about every nook and cranny.

Photo from Pexels

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