Write down the names of the people in your life that you are most comfortable being around. What is it about them that makes you feel at ease around them?

Who are the people in your life you are less comfortable being around? Perhaps people who criticise everything you do, or are always trying to tell you what to do, how to live, who to be? Think about how they do that, and why. What effect does this have on you?

Are there people in your life who are great to be around, but who undermine you when you try to lose weight, give up smoking, cut down your drinking or get fit? Who are they? Why do you they do that? How? How do you feel about that?

Try to spend more time with people who make you feel good and support you in your life. Write down what you can do in the next couple of weeks to do that … and do it.

Find a way to spend one-on-one time, real face time, with at least one of these people from time to time.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

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